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Mastery Under Pressure

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Imagine being able to perform under pressure with a sense of confidence, elegance, and mastery…

What You Will Get in the Mastery Under Pressure Program

Mastery Under Pressure is a training designed to assist you in elevating your performance, so you can perform under pressure with a sense of confidence, elegance, and mastery.  

Most people think Optimum Performance is a hit-or-miss situation. Yet there are specific skills you can learn to improve your chance of having constant peak experiences when you want them. If you take the time to learn and practice the skills, you will experience a sense of Mastery you never thought was possible.

This 12-part online course will teach you the mental skills that every Olympian and great performer has at their fingertips. It will help you to have a calm body and quiet mind in high-stakes, high-stress environments, as well as elevate your overall performance in every area of your life.  

Whatever your current level of ability to manage your emotions, this will further enable you to lead with greater confidence and self-knowledge.

Questionnaire assessing your level of peak performance skills at both beginning and conclusion of the course


Online video training ranging from 6-18 minutes with Tina Greenbaum


Accompanying exercises with each lesson to increase learning experience

Tina Greenbaum

Tina Greenbaum, M.Ed., LCSW is the Founder and CEO of Mastery Under Pressure, a management coaching program for high-performing executives who need to refine and master their interpersonal and inter-departmental skills. Mastery Under Pressure gives CEOs and senior-level managers the additional professional and personal tools to not only excel but to empower their teams and their associates. As a licensed psychotherapist and sports psychology consultant, she has long understood that being good at your profession doesn’t make you good at your job. Her ability to give high-performing executives the skills they need to work within any corporate culture has made Tina California’s #1 Optimal Performance Specialist.

“Mastery Under Pressure has been a tremendous asset in navigating the complexity of my personal and professional lives, and all the ways they intersect. Building my emotional skills has helped me genuinely engage my colleagues and team members with sensitivity and understanding.”